Race report from Simon Wood Power - Driver - Cinzano 558
Photo: Chris Davies
On the Thursday before the race Cinzano went into the water at Drivers Wharf after a winter freshen up with a new pair of Ilmor 725 engines.
We decided to try a new set of 29” Hering propellers that we had ordered for Coniston but never used, as they were a bit shorter that the regular race ones.
Photo: Chris Davies
We had anticipated that the weather would be a bit bumpy for the race on Sunday.
On race morning it was of course glorious, warm sun and very little wind; we thought that we may have had the wrong prop choice but no way of changing them and we were hoping for rough down towards Portland at the Western end of the course.
After a 15 minute delay, the rolling start was very short and the Green flag dropped.
We were off in very close formation with Tony Toll’s Apache Warhorse, probably only 50 metres to our starboard side, we ran to North Head neck and neck with Microlink just out in front.
Dean Gibbs in Going Lean had a good start and was just in front but quickly slowed and we didn’t see too much of Flying Falcon!
The start run must have been a great sight and sound from the Pier in Bournemouth!
As we ran towards Hurst Castle there was a low mist bank so we all slowed a little and ran down to Bridge and Needles Fairway, the sea building slowly.
Photo: Chris Davies
We just didn’t have the balance right to keep up with Tony Toll’s Apache Warhorse that was gobbling up the waves and very gently pulling away.
As we turned South West Shingles, at the far end of the course, Microlink and Apache Warhorse were about 3-4 miles in front so we decided to run for a finish.
It was all pretty uneventful for the rest of the race; the engines ran like fire breathing dragons behind us and the seas calmed a little.
Markus had an issue with his visor so we slowed for a time rounding 2 Bouys before we turned north to do the smaller laps.
As we completed our first B lap we overtook the 3B boats and I recalled how, 30 years ago, I was in awe as Class 1 boats used to roar past me in my old 3B boat!
Microlink finished his second B lap just in front of us, with Apache Warhorse very close behind, so we were curtailed and finished a solid 3rd.
There were lots of people on the end of Bournemouth Pier watching a great day of offshore powerboat racing.
No damage, all’s well with the old girl, and we had a great run back to Drivers that evening, showing over 86 knots back up the Solent!
Now we just have a few jobs to get her ready for the Cowes Torquay Cowes event.
Photo: Chris Davies
Photo: Chris Davies

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