Hello again!

Yes, Coniston, a world apart from Cowes and maybe the rest of the 'Seaworld'.
A place remote and otherwise quiet, very quiet!

Getting there involved borrowing a Myco trailer from Pascoes (thanks again), loading that on our Truck trailer and Cinzano on Top.
Then a car park about a mile off Coniston had to be hired/closed for a roadcrane to download both and thereafter some American Pickup Truck was needed to tow it on to the venue at the lake, where it had to be driven into the water by a tractor.

Sounds much easier then it was....

The Speedruns!
Six in two days for us, but a total action off minutes to drive only, that feel like seconds actually.

It is exciting, but a lot of fuss for very little use of a racer...

Well in our case we came to hit the sound barrier of the CUV's said design top speed of 100mph!

Against all expectations we passed it on the first run both ways and averaged 101,++mph. 

Although the weather detoriated more and more the next drive was 103.5 mph. Then we decided to use the longer propelled props from CTC (17.25x32x18) and noticed a small drop down...

Next day back to the new short Hering 5 bladers (17.00x30x18)
Finally the highest measured single Kilometer was 104.5 mph and the best we saw on GPS was 91.1knots!

So mission accomplished, CUV approved and more so it only felt a bit purposing around 80mph, but was steady as a rock over a 100mph!

For the designers guild: CUV's weight was 4420kgs on 50 gallon of fuel and a few stones on top for the crew of three.
Ilmore 725s on 1:1.5 crash boxes #6mercury racing dry sump drives with Hering props.
Ah, yes and drives were hand polished by Simon Wood Power (owner of a famous stainless steel boat equipment manufacturing company) and propellers shiny polished by myself. 
Whilst the Ilmores were under domination off our engine talker Eric, of course.

It was worth the efforts.

May I say that the atmosphere and the tension of all participants made it a very special event.
It probably has kept some of its merits of Mr Campbell's hey days alive and the spark went on to us, fevering for gaining any digit on the speedo.
It always went silent when everybody was longing to hear the speakers announcement of the newest speed measurements.

As I had virtually very few time to get to know all people involved organizing the records week, I do not thank anybody singular, but the entire Team and Club.

Being involved in the BPRC and the CTC2010, I can imagine how difficult it is to disturb such an 'environment' by 'emissions' of thunder like the racers do and still keep the event up against all (green) odds...

Congrats especially to Fury, Vee and Gareth, who made the World Record in our class!

It looked good for us and the spectators though that the actual figures at an average of 107,++ were close enough to think of a competition, even if it was clear that Fury was to win. 

Best regards
Markus Hendricks
Team Cinzano

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