We made all sorts of plans after the nice weather on the day before the start. It gave us a lot of otions to go for. Finally I decided for coming home first priority, maybe even taking the long run around the Bay if it would look very nasty.I just wanted to get the boat home safe this time!(last and first time ever before in a race and in Lyme Bay we completely sank our seaworthy 8to. craft at the first leg of RB08)
So at the start we went up to the first few fast boats, but when I was catching up on Hannes slowed down, to see what they would do at the Needles. I was warned by experienced racers that you would find 'holes' in the water and it could be wise not to be too fast too early.As on the two occasions we went to Pool for racing before it was always along Hurst, I had no clue what it would possibly be like...
So we had others passing and it did not help seeing No.8 slowing down and sitting in the water in front of us.

Something in me even wanted to slow down and give them a hand for some moment.So I went after the bunch of roosters in front of me not willing to go as fast as Cinzano might have been able to, but as fast as the hull would jump on ease and landings would be in pattern with the sea state.
As we carried full Fuel (about 1,5to.; after the finish the gauges still showed 40% full) trimm was difficult and the nose was loaded with 200kgs of Buoancy Airbags, too.
By the time I started to fell comfotable with it, but even Shelly turned up in her slower Scorpion.So I stayed with her; slightly behind and she gave a good teacher for where to go a bit slower around the heaviest and shorter seas (Anvil for e.g.) and where to go faster.
She did around 43 knots then and this was to be called comfortable at the conditions we faced.
Then we approched Lyme Bay and she seemed to stay inwards, but the bay was feeling better then I expected and lesser then the area we just past, so I did not interfere when Eric and Tim went ahead on the straight line.
Luckily there was a rooster ahead, too. So again I had something to go for.
It took us ages to come closer but it was just when the seas flattened and the moored up Vessels/Tankers gave first shelter, that both of us started to go faster and faster. We got past them only before we were turning east again. It should have given local spectators some racing shots, too.
Heading out we ran over 70 knots till the first jumps slowed me down again.Whereas upwind I could reduce overrevving well, downwind the Illmors were faster than the holes in the seas were visible in the gleaming light.
It needed a while to get the trimm optimised and throttles aligned.Unbelievably the overtaken rib totally diminished.
It was nice cruising down the Bay in Sunshine.Nobody pressing, nobody to go for and I started thinking we will take Cinzano safe home.
None of us had an idea of our position and we expected Hannes and the likes to sit in the RYS on pimms already, so slow we felt on our ride.
Only when we saw Team 25 sitting around with open hatches a bit of wandering came on again. But as Tim keeps saying, I did not have the 'red mist' coming up, as we were not expecting to gain any success out of pushing harder, because nobody was visible ahead to go for and risk mechanical break down alike Team 25.

It is a shame for them as they always go for it. I hope they will never buy a faster boat, because I am shure they will squeeze it even harder and that will be killing (Want to have fun with them for long and not play Casiraghi).
Next we saw Team 747 flying towards us and I tell you from my sunken Alan Burnard designed Boat, it was hard to them upwind.Still looked like they wanted to go in it up into the Sky, misuseing their Boat for their usual Jumbo Jets...
When arriving to the Coast the Sea state became less predictable again and cruise was over. Sometimes it was a lot of spray but still under good control.
Then everything changed!!!
I spotted Hannes under the rocks to our left and we could see them heading towards the the same point as us at Anvil.
This meant to me: we were with the Leader (Sorry Hot Lemon was not in my mind as the sistership of Shelly 's was doing slower and it could therefore only have been Hannes at the front line)
Now the race was on! I knew from the Buzzi boat that they had to decide for a slow but fast accelerating Prop, as the 82kn one would not push them up the Seas. This was proven at the start sprint, where we came up on them.So I only had to stay with him on the last rough till Hurst and conveniently take him in the Solent.
It was a real nice race alongside each other and I could see their nose was flying up higher then ours and they were not able to go any faster then they did. We finaly went in front towards the last buoy heading for Hurst.With the seas Sideways Hannes came up alongside towards Hurst tuning point.
As there were some sailors in our way Hannes took them inside and we outwards (Hope nobody onboard had a Heardattack, it must havebeen totally scary to them).
Then we arrived in the calmer Solent and I fully trimmed out the Legs. The Trimm Tabs stayed at level to fight the chopp).
I did not have time to look for Hannes because accurate trimming is difficult with these slow but very strong Hydraulic pumps and gaining the best means no slip and as high as possible, a fiddling job only possible by watching the revmeters precisely.
Hannes did go with us for a short moment, but then he wasn't visible. Gone!!
This was the moment when I dared think we might win the race.Can you imagine my utter disbelieve when I saw another Boat in front of us and close to the finish?!
Luckily after Hannes went I did not slow down, but worked on the Trim Plates instead to keep us flying safe and slightly faster.I thought we would do wise to have a safety margine against Hannes coming back to life, should we miss the finish Line/Buoy again.
I knew this is not impossible from our last race against Drew Langdon where we had lost our Lead for that mistake.

It paid off now to have the speed and we virtually passed Hot Lemon on the Line!
So first ever Powerboat Race in a 38kn Supermarine Swordfish: Sunk 2nd time racing, but first use of Cinzano at the Cancer Research Race: Last over the Start line forth in Finish - 3rd race Needles Trophy, 2nd but Class winner. Now CTC 2009!

Only Posssible due to - Very good but old boat, very experienced teammates and very good Mechnical fittness of the Boat due to Bluenine Marine (Eric) and Pirtek Hydraulics.

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