The South Coast Marathon it was a bit different to the races before. This time we were in the focus of everybody, in all other races I opted for somebody leading me towards whatever was to come. As in the CTC I followed Hannes at the start towards Bridge Buoy.

This time the plan was to get in front if possible.Trim was more aggressively set for the start and the start procedure was helping, being not to long and not of a slow run Lord Beaverbrook's faster Startboat helped getting away from higher revs.

It did work. We were in lead at the end of the Solent.But then we soon found out that we had a 'Roostertail-Shadow-Follower'.Team 42 stayed behind, whatever we did.

Eric built 'Doglegs' in our course, just to see whether they would notice and pass, but it did not work or help. The R-S-F kept following... So we went on. There were a few spots of boiling water and small crests or current, that caused funny waters, but none dangerous enough to slow anybody (the Roostertail-Shadow-Follower) down.

Once at the typical Photographers Position near to the rocks we dropped even so much speed that the R-S-F came alongside, only to stepp back when we picked up speed again.
Till the last Buoy at Hurst.

From here the sea state was mirrorshape flat and our R-S-F went past and off. 

We knew obviously that other boats could be faster and the Fountain with its stepped hull, flat sections in the transom area and lower deadrise was definately developed for speeds exceeding 100mph. The CUV instead even on Lamborghinis only touched this barrier.
But we were a bit dissapointed that at the CTC our finish line decals of the GPS gave about 78knots and at this time we had trouble to read 72knots, even on less fuel. So we had the feeling it might have been an open finish if we had the CTC Speed we were now accustumed to.

So our dissappiontment was why we lost speed again, after having had permanent refinements done over the season and gained more instead of less speed each race.
We think it was our propellers being only 550hp rated and probably have lost some bite and shape after all. Even if they were promising at the beginning we have to understand them to be simmilar to tyres in F1 Car racing.

Never mind, it was the first thrill of leading a race for most of the time that was the new experience and that was as demanding as it was thrilling.

It is true that we could have done merely every point of the race under toppspeed high up trimm, but you don't know before you reach the different coloured water with the small white crests, what they are really doing to you at more than 70knots. So trimming in would be the wise decision, but what will the R-S-F do! There is the 'Red Mist' Mode pushing and the 'Brain' saying get home is rule number 1.

So you see even this shorter and calmer race gave a lot of new things to learn and belive me doing the little trip in one and a quarter hour was very much fun!!! 

Racing on a rough day is often called more thrilling, but if your boat speed allows you to exceed 80Mph you will feel that flat is not as flat anymore, so you are in fact as much Airborne in the odd occasional higher wave as on a rougher day at 60Mph!

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